Substantia 2018-07-10T13:41:30+00:00 Pierandrea Lo Nostro Open Journal Systems <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Substantia</em> is a peer-reviewed academic international journal dedicated to the history and philosophy of Chemistry and edited by the University of Florence. Topics of interest include traditional and innovative perspectives in the development of Chemistry. Fundamentals and implications of chemical theories and related sciences, interdisciplinary works (highlighting the interconnections between Chemistry, other scientific disciplines, arts, technology, social and human sciences), contributions from unpublished sources are welcome. The journal is published open access and offers top quality original full papers, essays, experimental works, reviews, biographies and dissemination manuscripts. All contributions are in English.</p> Goodnight and Goodluck: The End of a Building at the Australian National University 2018-07-10T13:41:30+00:00 Barry W Ninham <p>The famous&nbsp;Surface Forces Apparatus was developed here at ANU by a Departmental team under Jacob Israelachvili. It was the first successful&nbsp; measurement of molecular forces between molecularly smooth surfaces in liquids, with a distance resolution of 2 Å. Over several decades, pioneering work on forces changed colloid and surface chemistry.&nbsp;Many as far back as Newton had tried, but failed. AFM force measurements were&nbsp;also pioneered here.</p> 2018-07-05T07:02:11+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##