Series 14 Vol 1 No 2 (2018)

Géographies de la nuit / Geographies of the night / Geografie della notte

Luc Gwiazdzinski
Laboratoire Pacte, Université Grenoble Alpes, France
Marco Maggioli
Dipartimento di studi umanistici, Università IULM, Italia
Will Straw
Department of Art History & Communication Studies, McGill University, Canada

Published 2019-07-11

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Gwiazdzinski, L., Maggioli, M., & Straw, W. (2019). Géographies de la nuit / Geographies of the night / Geografie della notte. Bollettino Della Società Geografica Italiana, 1(2), 3-8.


Geographies of the night. This is the title of this special issue of the Bulletin of the Italian Geographical Society, which brings together twenty authors, geographers and non-geographers interested in this long neglected dimension. Following on from pioneering work at the end of the 20th century, these authors are pushing exploration further, contributing both to our knowledge of this “ephemeral and cyclical space-time” – of its “inhabitants” and their practices, of the emergence of a particular “geographical object” and a “geography of the night” – but also to the unfolding of a field of transdisciplinary research, that of “night studies,” and to the advancement of a international “night scene” bringing together a variety of actors and extending beyond the domain of academic research.