• infermieristica journal

    infermieristica journal (ij) è una rivista scientifica internazionale sottoposta a peer-review, che promuove lo sviluppo e lo scambio di conoscenze rilevanti per la ricerca e la pratica infermieristica. ij sostiene la pratica clinica basata sulle evidenze, incoraggia e promuove il dibattito critico sull'arte e sulla scienza infermieristica.

  • L’Italia Forestale e Montana

    L’Italia Forestale e Montana / Italian Journal of Forest and Mountain Environments is a peer-reviewed scientific Journal published by the Italian Academy of Forest Science dealing with all aspects of forest and environmental sciences, policy, economics, law, with a special focus on Mediterranean and mountain environments. Interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged, including connections with history, sociology and geography.

    The Journal was founded in 1946, and since 2006 is fully available open access on-line. The Journal publishes accepted articles online 6 times a year. A paper version of the Journal is sent to subscribers.

    ISSN: 2036-3494 (online) | 0021-2776 (print)

  • La Nuova Giuridica

    La Nuova Giuridica - Florence Law Review is a scientific journal founded by law students at the University of Florence in order to develop a place of deepening, debate and union around law issues.



    Prof. Irene Stolzi, Università di Firenze, Italy

  • Quaderni Culturali IILA

    Quaderni Culturali IILA is a freely available international magazine founded by the Cultural Secretary of IILA - Italo-Latin American Organization (international organization, of which Italy and twenty Latin American countries are members) in 2018. The magazine offers various subjects and is published annually with contributions in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and English.

    Quaderni Culturali IILA publishes studies and analyses of the arts and different Latin American cultures. The magazine aims to promote intellectual discussion and critically innovative subjects and methodologies from a  interdisciplinary point of view.

    Quaderni Culturali IILA - ONLINE ISSN 2785-5031

    Editor in Chief - Jaime Nualart Sánchez,  IILA Cultural Secretary

    Call for Papers "Culture and Environmental Crisis in Latin America"

    The Cultural Secretariat of IILA - International Italo-Latin American Organisation, launches the Call for Papers for the 4th issue of the magazine "Quaderni Culturali IILA" - 2022. 

    In recent years and in light of the seriousness of the environmental crises, Latin American thought and the arts have produced texts and works of great relevance, aimed at a new reflection on the subject. This issue of Quaderni Culturali aims to offer a collection of texts that show how literature, cinema and the arts, as a whole, have responded to the need to reconfigure the relationship between artistic creation, critical thinking and the environment.

    Download the PDF of the Call (ITA | ENG | ESP) or visit our Call for Papers webpage


  • Rivista Italiana di Filosofia Politica

    Rivista Italiana di Filosofia Politica is the new, official journal of the Italian Society of Political Philosophy (SIFP). It offers a critical space of debate for the different paths of enquiry within the national and international panorama of political philosophy. It aims at bringing together care for contemporaneity, a dialogue with tradition, and attention to possible futures. 

    The Journal intends to promote a close confrontation with other theoretical perspectives (social, juridical, economic, political sciences, etc.) while maintaining and enhancing the specificity of the philosophical approach to political issues (read more about our Aims & Scope).

    “Rivista Italiana di Filosofia Politica” is committed to the very highest standards of peer review, and publishes academically rigorous and original works in several languages (English, Italian, French, German and Spanish).  It is published twice a year, available in open access and in print.

  • Italian Journal of Agrometeorology

    The Italian Journal of Agrometeorology  publishes English written original papers about agrometeorology, that is the science which studies the interactions between meteorological, hydrological factors and the agro-forest ecosystem and with agriculture, including all the related themes: herbaceous and arboreal species ecophysiology, crop phenology, phytopathology, entomology, soil physics and hydrology, micrometeorology, crop modelling, remote-sensing, landscape planning, geo-graphical in-formation system and spatialization techniques, instru-mentation for physical and biological measurements, data validation techni-ques, agroclimatology, animal biometeorology, diffusion of information and support services for farmers.

  • Caryologia

    Caryologia is devoted to the publication of original papers, and occasionally of reviews, about plant, animal and human karyological, cytological, cytogenetic, embryological and ultrastructural studies. Articles about the structure, the organization and the biological events relating to DNA and chromatin organization in eukaryotic cells are considered. Caryologia has a strong tradition in plant and animal cytosystematics and in cytotoxicology. Bioinformatics articles may be considered, but only if they have an emphasis on the relationship between the nucleus and cytoplasm and/or the structural organization of the eukaryotic cell.  

  • Asia Anteriore Antica. Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Cultures

    Asia Anteriore Antica (AsiAnA) is an open access peer-reviewed international journal on ancient Near Eastern Cultures that aims to offer a handy tool of scholarly information in different fields (Archaeology, Archaeometry, Epigraphy, History, Philology), with a dedicated attention to interdisciplinary research, new approaches and methodological advances.

    The journal publishes original contributions (full-length papers, reviews, short notes and open questions’ debates) in Italian, English, French, German; special issues on relevant topics are also considered for publication.

  • Bollettino della Società Geografica Italiana

    The oldest journal of geography in Italy and one of the oldest in the world, the “Bollettino della Società Geografica italiana” was founded in 1868. Since then it has been publishing high impact papers on a regular basis, targeting an international audience. It is guided by an Advisory Board and an Editorial Board whose members address the discipline according to a wide variety of approaches and research interests. Dealing with human, cultural, social and environmental geography, the “Bollettino della Società Geografica italiana” publishes original papers focusing on a wide set of geographic topics, contributions to the scholarly debate, news and reviews, from several theoretical and methodological perspectives, on large-scale investigation. All the essays are double blind peer-reviewed to uphold their scholarly originality and quality.

  • Substantia

    Substantia. An International Journal of the History of Chemistry is a open access peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to the history of Chemistry and edited by the University of Florence. Topics of interest include traditional and innovative perspectives in the development of Chemistry. Fundamentals and implications of chemical theories and related sciences, interdisciplinary works (highlighting the interconnections between Chemistry, other scientific disciplines, arts, technology, social and human sciences), contributions from unpublished sources are welcome. The journal is published open access and offers top quality original full papers, essays, experimental works, reviews, biographies and dissemination manuscripts. All contributions are in English.


    Pierandrea Lo Nostro, Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy


    eISSN: 2532-3997

    Substantia Scientific Committe Call for Members

    Substantia is seeking to appoint members of its Scientific Committee for the period July 2022 – July 2027. We welcome applicants from all areas of Chemistry (including history and philosophy) and of close disciplines (Mathematics, Physics, Earth and Life Sciences). The applicants are kindly requested to submit their applications by e-mail before 15 June, 2022.

    Click here to download the PDF of Call.


    Substantia is indexed in:


    Recently the Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) approved our application for indexing Substantia in Scopus.

    FUP and Substantia teams are proud of this result and wish to share this announcement with the authors, readers, editors and reviewers of the journal. With their contributions we achieved this remarkable goal.