Series 14 Vol 3 Special Issue (2020)

Afterword. The Consumer’s Society in the Era of the Post Globalization

Carles Carreras i Verdaguer
Geography Deparment, Faculty of Geography and History, Universitat de Barcelona
Sergi Martínez-Rigol
Geography Department, Universitat de Barcelona
Alejandro Morcuende González
Universidade Estadual Paulista, UNESP

Pubblicato 2021-06-21

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Carreras i Verdaguer, C., Martínez-Rigol, S., & Morcuende González, A. (2021). Afterword. The Consumer’s Society in the Era of the Post Globalization. Bollettino Della Società Geografica Italiana, 3, 187-198.


The article tries a general overview of the contemporary changes in the global economy. First proposes a characterization of the present period of history, advancing some of his main explanatory elements. Next, summarizes the great economic, social, political and cultural changes, discussed on the long way of more than twenty years of research at an international level. Third, it remarks some concrete changes at an urban scale. Finally, suggests the possibilities of some differential urbanization processes, on the way of the planetary urbanization.