IJAM and COVID-19 emergency


Dear Member of Agrometeorology Community,

The world is currently suffering from the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Italy has been hit hard and only in the face of enormous human and economic sacrifices in the last few days we are managing to get out of the extremely critical situation. However, the path of complete elimination of the risk will be long and will still require a great commitment from everyone.

Many countries are in our same condition and are now suffering from increased mortality and severe economic losses.

We are close to you and hope that the whole world will come together in a common effort to find a solution quickly.

We hope that a better future for all can arise from this, where the themes of solidarity, sustainability and fraternity take on a priority role.
For our part, we ensure our utmost commitment that the Italian Journal of Agrometerology maintains its operations and its development role for the agro-meteorological sector, which we are sure will play an essential role in the future of world agriculture.

The Journal Editor
Simone Orlandini