New Options for IJAm


Dear readers,

with pleasure I announce the next publication of issue 1 2020 of the Italian Journal of Agrometeorology. The Journal is very rich in interesting articles that deal with many current issues of agrometeorology, in its scientific and application fields.

I am also pleased to announce another important innovation in IJAm management. In fact, starting from this year, the annual numbers go from three to two. The choice of the six-monthly frequency is motivated by the need to offer more content-rich and therefore more interesting papers for the readers. At the same time, in response to the requests of our scientific community, IJAM is glad to make articles available online after acceptance. After peer-review and revision, the Just Accepted Manuscripts will be posted online prior to technical editing, formatting for publication, and author proofing. This is an option we offer to the research community in order to expedite the dissemination of scientific information as soon as possible after acceptance. Just Accepted Manuscripts will be given a header, an article ID, a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), and will show an “Accepted Manuscript” watermark across each page. Finally, the Just Accepted Manuscripts will be removed from the website, the article will be assigned to a forthcoming issue and published both online and in hard copy. The DOI will always remain the same, to make sure that all citations will correctly link to the final paper.

We hope that these innovations contribute to making IJAm an increasingly suitable tool for the international scientific community that is interested in agrometeorology

Best regards

The Editor

Simone Orlandini