No. 2 (2023)

A.I., Fashion and rights: The rise of Artificial Intelligence in redefining Fashion paradigms

Elisabetta Cianfanelli
University of Florence

Published 2023-12-31


  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Fashion Paradigms,
  • Fashion Processes Transformation,
  • Fashion Research

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Cianfanelli, E. (2023). A.I., Fashion and rights: The rise of Artificial Intelligence in redefining Fashion paradigms. Fashion Highlight, (2), 6–10.


Fashion Design, both in its theoretical foundation and practical application, is experiencing a significant cognitive transformation. This evolution is best interpreted not simply as a mere transition but as a continuous process of adaptation that affects professions, processes, and cultures (Anantrasirichai & Bull, 2022). This ongoing change necessitates a critical re-evaluation and recalibration of current ontological and epistemological frameworks (Dufva & Dufva, 2019; Kraus et al., 2021), emphasizing the need to redefine and reconsider the principles and methodologies in the Fashion Design field. In this context, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) signifies the onset of an era of evolutions and revolutions in Fashion design thinking and practice, characterized by shifts, advancements, and radical changes (Ozmen Garibay et al., 2023). Fashion, traditionally reflective of societal, cultural, and economic dynamics, is now at a pivotal point due to the integration of AI into its processes. This transformation, both rapid and extensive, is reshaping the entire spectrum of the fashion industry, influencing various aspects such as design, production, customer purchasing experiences, and communication strategies (Särmäkari & Vänskä, 2022; Särmäkari, 2021).

The second issue of Fashion Highlight Journal situates itself within this evolving landscape, endeavoring to unravel and comprehend the multifaceted implications of integrating artificial intelligence in the realm of fashion design. Through the diverse perspectives and insights offered by its contributors, this issue aims to delve into the intricate ways AI is reshaping fashion design’s traditional methodologies and creative processes. This issue particularly aims to encourage scholarly discussion regarding the interplay between fashion, artificial intelligence, and rights. It examines how the fashion sector, within a rapidly changing environment, is addressing key concerns related to pri vacy, intellectual property, inclusivity, skills development, and responsibility. A significant area of focus is exploring AI’s potential to maintain diversity, function inclusively, and protect individual identities, highlighting its critical role in the context of contemporary fashion.