No. 2 (2023)

Synergies in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence and Fashion: A prospective analysis

Arrigo Bertacchini
University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”
Pietro Salvatore Pantano
University of Calabria

Published 2023-12-31


  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Fashion and Technology,
  • Envisioning and Scenario Planning Models,
  • Creative Innovation,
  • Human - AI Harmony

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Bertacchini, A., & Pantano, P. S. (2023). Synergies in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence and Fashion: A prospective analysis. Fashion Highlight, (2), 82–88.


This study provides an in-depth analysis of the intersection between artificial intelligence (AI) and fashion, focusing on the potentials and ethical challenges related to the intensive use of large datasets. Using methodologies such as “Envisioning” and the “Scenario Planning Model”, the aim is to develop clear and structured approaches to the deployment of AI in the fashion industry, exploring how this technology can transform and enrich the creative process, extending human capabilities. Among the main ethical challenges are training on culturally connoted data, which risks introducing formative bias, and the need to explain AI processes and decisions in understandable terms (explainability). The possible formalization of AI methods to make their processes and results formal is also discussed. The potential capabilities of these technologies to overcome the limits of human intellect are also considered. The conclusions highlight the importance of a balance between technological innovation and ethical considerations to promote ongoing dialogue among diverse stakeholders, ensuring that AI in the fashion industry evolves inclusively, ethically, and responsibly, fostering a future where technology and human creativity coexist harmoniously.