Become an Editor

Students wishing to be a part of the Editorial Committee can apply by completing-filling the form linked below by the deadlines periodically advertised in the Journal.

The electronic application form must include: year of enrollment (students must at least be in their third year), exams taken, CFU totals (a minimum of 120 CFU for third year students and 149 CFU for fourth year students is required for students enrolled in degree courses in Law, Italian-French Law, Italian-German Law; a minimum of 93 CFU is required for third year students enrolled in degree courses in Legal Services Science), the weighted average of marks (a minimum of 27 is required), areas of interest (no more than three may be listed), and reason for enrollment.

Candidates are selected by the Board of Directors and a professor in the Department of Legal Sciences, with particular attention to the representation of various disciplinary areas. If there is more than one application for a particular area, the candidate with the highest grade-point average is preferred. However, if the grade-point average differs by only one point, the more motivated candidate may be selected. If grade-point average and motivation are the same, then the candidate with the most credits is preferred.

Our Organs

The Journal is comprised of the Editorial Committee, the Board of Directors, the Scientific Committee, the Scientific Director, and the Managing Director.

The Editorial Committee is made up of students enrolled in degree courses in Law, Italian-French Law, Italian-German Law and Legal Services Science; doctorial students of the Department of Legal Sciences; and the Scientific Director of the Journal. The Editorial Committee is divided into five sections relating to various areas of interest (administrative and tax law, criminal law, constitutional law, EU and international law, private law, history, and philosophy of law).

The Editorial Committee decides the Editorial policy of the Journal, defining the form and content of each publication.

The Editorial Committee elects the members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors coordinates and supervises the activities of the Editorial Committee, oversees the development of the Journal’s editions, and maintains relations with the publisher and the Scientific Committee.

The Scientific Committee is made up of professors, associate professors, and scholars with recognized expertise in the field of law, who can guarantee the scientific nature of the Journal. The Scientific Committee represents and promotes the Journal in Italy and abroad. The Scientific Committee identifies, among its members, the Scientific Director and three guarantors, in agreement with the Department Council of Legal Sciences.

Finally, the Managing Director is responsible for fulfilling the duties and exercising the rights provided for by the regulations concerning the press and periodical publications.