Manifesto of the journal

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In the current historical period, marked by tragic conflicts and dramatic tensions in various areas, it is absolutely appropriate to ponder and recoup the fundamental aspects of culture, e.g. the relationship with the past, people’s common history, and the universal values on which our coexistence and civilization are based upon.
In such a context it seems important to deepen the relationship with the past history, and not only the ancient history or that of a few centuries ago, but also the more recent history, of the Short Century that has just gone.
For us, researchers and university teachers of disciplines related to Chemistry, it seems crucial to deepen the bonds with those forerunners who preceded us in research and in education, in order to mature a more convinced and deep awareness of the world and of the civilization from which we come and to pass the baton to the future generations, in total liberty, as stated by the art. 33 of the Constitution of the Italian Republic, that reads “The Republic guarantees the freedom of the arts and sciences, which may be freely taught."

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