Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): COMUNITÀ

Nuove forme giuridiche del vivere collettivo: la fondazione di partecipazione nell'ambito del terzo settore

Hellen Stravino
University of Florence

Published 2022-09-14


  • fondazione,
  • fondazionedipartecipazione,
  • terzosettore


Due to the dynamism of contemporary events, jurists are called to embrace new juridical instruments, which are more suitable with a new appreciation of community. Not by chance, socio-political changes invoke the necessity of a community’s rediscovery and encourage the rising of a lot of non profit activities, opening the way for a welfare State’s large contribution. In very truth, the non profit field acts as a cornerstone  of a democratic society and it reveals a misleading race to profit goals led by the global commerce. This is the purpose of observing the participatory foundation as a metamorphosis of the typical institute of foundation: pursuant to the constitutional solidarity principle, this new instrument combines the need of promoting a social progress with a public-private cooperation inside welfare policies.


  1. H. Stravino