An account of chromosomal damage in PMCs of stripe rust infected barley


  • Vivek Singh Department of Botany, Shri Jai Narain PG College, Lucknow, UP-226001



anomalies, Barley, chromosomes, fungal mycotoxins, gamma rays, Puccinia


A study, on the effects of natural mild fungal infection on meiosis of Barley Pollen Mother Cells (PMCs), was done in order to analyze the chromosomal damage elicited by the pathogenic conditions. A pattern similar to common mutagens, of reduction in mitotic index and chiasma frequency, as well as, production of various aberrations that demonstrate chromosomal damage, was observed. The most common abnormalities were un-orientation and other spindle related aberrations, as well as stickiness and clumping of chromosomes. The disease induced a reduction in pollen viability as compared to the control plants. The results were compared with those of a high dose of a known mutagen ie gamma rays in order to draw commonalities between the two conditions.


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