Vol. 1 No. 1 (2024): Disegno fra tradizione e innovazione

Il disegno e il rilievo nell’età del metaverso: come prima, più di prima

Paolo Giandebiaggi
University of Parma

Published 2024-07-11


  • Drawing,
  • Survey,
  • Dominique Vivant Denon,
  • Denon,
  • Roberts,
  • Metaverse
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Giandebiaggi, P. (2024). Il disegno e il rilievo nell’età del metaverso: come prima, più di prima . TRIBELON Journal of Drawing and Representation of Architecture, Landscape and Environment, 1(1), 32–39. Retrieved from https://riviste.fupress.net/index.php/tribelon/article/view/2854


In the Metaverse, our relationship with space will change. We will be able to immerse our- selves in this space physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The line between real and im- aginary will become blurred, allowing us to experience new sensations. As creators in this space, we must consider how we represent reality. Do we depict what we imagine alongside what already exists, or do we need to learn how to convey our emotions, opinions, and ex- periences? How do we do this? Perhaps the answer is to proceed as before, but even more so Historically, in Drawing and Surveying, there has always been an attempt to bring these aspects to the forefront, beyond architecture, beyond the city. The tools may have been in- adequate, but this “moral obligation” has probably always been drawers and surveyors. An illustrative example is when Monge’s methods were being defined scientifically, coinciding with encounters with vastly different people and cultures that were challenging to describe with words. Denon’s drawings were instrumental in helping Europeans immerse them- selves in Middle Eastern culture, showcasing architecture and the people, customs, and aesthetics. It attempted to blend the geometric representation of space with the complexity of an entire “world”. This comprehensive survey aimed to capture the emotional and cul- tural aspects using the most advanced methods and techniques available at the time, even incorporating emerging photography. This is perhaps the role that Drawing and Surveying are expected to play in the age of the Metaverse: to facilitate the expansion of describing the intangible through new systems driven by the same intentions. Today, just like in the past, we need to embrace this task with an even greater emphasis.