The Chromosome counts of some species of wetland plants from Northwest Iran

chromosome number


  • Saeedeh Sadat Mirzadeh Vaghefi Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands, Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), P. O. Box 13185-116, Tehran
  • Adel Jalili Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands, Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), P. O. Box 13185-116, Tehran



chromosome number, wetland, ideogram, Azerbaijan


Wetlands scatter as microclimates in mountain areas of Iran. In this investigation, the chromosome number of species and populations from Azerbaijan provinces were studied. After seed germination and root fixation, meristem cells were stained and photographs were taken for cells in the metaphase stage by light microscope. Data were analyzed by Micromeasure and excel softwares. As many as 28 populations of 24 species were studied. The chromosome numbers of two species (viz. Ranunculus kotschyi) were reported for the first time. 11 populations in 9 species were reported for the first time from Iranian populations (viz. Alisma plantago-aquatica, Prunella vulgaris, Scrophularia umbrosa). The range of haploid chromosome numbers is between n=6 and n=21. Ideograms were depicted for each species.


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