Vol 3 No 1 Suppl. (2019)
Research Articles

“Antichi Strumenti Orafi” of the Garuti Collection – The Virtual Exhibition

Francesca Frasca
Sapienza, University of Rome, Department of Classics - Rome - Italy
Adelmo Garuti
Goldsmith in retirement, owner of the Garuti Collection, Sasso Marconi, Bologna - Italy
Gian Lorenzo Calzoni
University of Bologna, Department of Biology - via Irnerio, 42 – Bologna - Italy
Published August 30, 2019
  • Virtual exhibition,
  • Ancient Goldsmithing,
  • ancient tools,
  • industrial heritage,
  • industrial archaeology
How to Cite
Frasca, F., Garuti, A., & Calzoni, G. L. (2019). “Antichi Strumenti Orafi” of the Garuti Collection – The Virtual Exhibition. Substantia, 3(1), 45-48. https://doi.org/10.13128/Substantia-604


The “Antichi Strumenti Orafi” Virtual Exhibition is a multidisciplinary project developed by The Department of History and Cultures of the University of Bologna in collaboration with the Garuti Collection’s owner, Adelmo Garuti. Garuti, a goldsmith in retirement, has been collecting tools and machineries related to his profession for years, and has placed them in Sasso Marconi (Bologna, Italy). This unique Collection shows the inside of the old goldsmiths’ workshops, giving us the opportunity to rediscover a world that has changed dramatically since the coming of Information Technology and 3D Computer Graphics in the gold working industry. This Virtual Exhibition (www.antichistrumentiorafi.it) (Fig. 1) shows the most relevant objects of the Garuti Collection and describes their functioning, so the visitor can follow each step of the precious metals working process. The objects can also speak on their own about the workshops they belonged and about their producers. That gives the visitor the opportunity to know something more about goldsmithing in Bologna - the main city represented in the Collection – and in general about this sector in Italy between the 19th and 20th century.