Fashion Highlight journal aims at building an interdisciplinary space to share research experiences in the fashion area.

The journal will deal with fashion as a transversal and transformative system, as a language of interpretation of emerging issues relating to contemporary changes and challenges. Considering this articulated and often complex disciplinary field, the Fashion Highlights journal identifies a research horizon that is made up of heterogeneous pieces, proposing a “kaleidoscopic” vision on the fashion phenomenon.
Fashion Highlight is committed to the very highest standards of peer review, and publishes academically rigorous and original works in Italian and English language. It is published twice a year, available online in open access.

Prof. Elisabetta Cianfanelli, Università di Firenze, Italy


Fashion Highlight

CALL FOR PAPERS | #1 Fashion Highlight - Open Call 

For the first Call for Papers, Fashion Highlights aims at setting a new space for disseminating research, acting as an observatory on transformations, innovations, consolidated practices, values, and cultures in and around the fashion system. The first call is then an open call, that takes Transformation as a space for debate to define the pillars of the research in progress, allowing to open new horizons on the ongoing changes that characterize the sustainable / digital transition of significant business models.
The Transformation can be approached according to two possible different trajectories: the first concerns the transformative urgency as an agent of change of products, environments, systems, processes, which brings substantial changes to research contexts and design practices in fashion. The second, welcomes transformation intended as an endogenous and characterizing element of the same approaches to research and practice. In these new contexts, we highlight the emerging ferment in the exploration of change in the fashion system, involving both fashion immaterial values and the production system.
Contributions related to, but not limited to, the following topics are welcomed:

  • design practices and processes in the fashion system
  • studies on fashion products and processes, regarding materials, technologies, bioengineering, and robotics, as well as organizational, managerial, and legislative aspect
  • studies on business and entrepreneurial practices and models that characterize fashion system both locally and globally
  • studies on fashion heritage and traditional craft conservation, transmission, and enhancement
  • studies on the immaterial values of fashion manifestations through different lens and approaches
  • studies on fashion futures within digital/sustainable transition