Vol. 1 No. 1 (2017)


Pierandrea Lo Nostro
Editor in Chief of Substantia. University of Florence, Italy

Published 2017-03-02

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Lo Nostro, P. (2017). Acknowledgments. Substantia, 1(1), 99. https://doi.org/10.13128/Substantia-15


Our first thanks is for you, who are reading this page and this first issue of Substantia. We do rely on you, on your interest and on your patience, on your approval and also on your sincere criticism. Substantia is the product of a great effort, of a great pleasure and of a renewed hope in the human capability to wonder about the beauty and complexity of reality and matter, and to inspect their features with the strength of reason..
Without this hope - or better without this certainty - any attempt to uncover and understand the world would be nosense and we would be pulled back to darkness. We sincerely thank the authors of this first issue: they granted us the strength of their knowledge and wisdom, and gladly accepted the challenge of a new journal.
Thank you to the members of the international Scientific Board, who offered their prestige and reliability for the benefit of the scientific level of the journal and to our colleagues in the Department of Chemistry, who wel comed the birth of Substantia.
Finally I want to express my deepest loyal gratitude to Moira Ambrosi, Antonella Capperucci, Laura Colli, Marco Fontani, Romeo Perrotta and Alessandro Pierno for sharing with me this challenging and tantalizing adventure. Their enthusiastic and tireless commitment was the first nourishment for our journal. We tried to do our best, it has been and will be a great struggle. And for sure we could have done it better.
We apologize for any mistake and we thank you - the reader of these articles - for your invaluable support and for all the suggestions that you may want to share with us in the future.