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Materials chemist and chemist-historian Seth C. Rasmussen (North Dakota State University) shares his views on peer review as both editor and reviewer for Peer Review Week, Sept. 16-20th, 2019. In the process, it is stressed that reviewing goes beyond simply checking the validity of the material and methodology presented in a paper, and should help authors to publish the best possible version of their manuscript. This includes making sure that the work is written for an audience beyond the specialist of the particular subject covered, and that it is clear and accessible to the general reader. Other topics discussed include how journals can ensure good reviewing by recruiting and retaining a community of experts willing to produce high quality reviews, as well as tips for new reviewers, and the importance of reviewing for not only the scientific community, but for the general public as well. In terms of the general public, peer review is critical to ensure the high-quality communication of science, which is necessary to strengthen the public's trust of the scientific literature.

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Vol 3 No 1 Suppl. (2019)

This “Aurum” special issue contains the Proceedings of a symposium held in 2018 in Arezzo, a city that binds its history and economy to precious metals such as gold and silver.
The symposium aimed at bridging the gap between scholars, teachers and industry with multidisciplinary contributions spanning from philosophy to chemistry, from economy to handcfraft.

Published: 2019-09-12

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